Is there a video that shows me how to use Verifyle?

Yes, there is a Getting Started video on our YouTube channel in addition to other helpful videos. To watch the Getting Started video, click here:

What is a Workspace and why should I use one?

A Workspace is the primary organizational unit in Verifyle. Think of is as a container that holds Guests, Threads and Documents where you, the Host of the Workspace, control exactly which Messages and Documents all of your Guests can see. You should use a Workspace any time you (1) want to create Group Thread, or (2) if you have a lot of information to be organized, or (3) when you want to have a little more control over exactly who sees what. You might consider using a Workspace for a project, topic, case or client.

Can I use Verifyle for sharing large files?

Yes, Verifyle is great for sharing large files. Verifyle does not have a file size limit. Your only limit is the total storage limit of your account (5GB for free users, 100GB for Pro users).

Can I use Verifyle just for storage?

Yes. Verifyle is a great option for storing sensitive Documents. Total storage limits are 5GB for free users, 100GB for Pro users. The best way to store Documents is to create a Workspace called “Storage” and then create Threads to be used as subfolders. For example, inside your Workspace called “Storage” you might have a Thread called “Bills and Receipts” where you can store all your bills and receipts.

How can my Guests share Documents with me?

Guests can share Documents with you by clicking the paper clip icon in a Workspace Thread or a Private Message Thread.

What if I lost my password?

If you lose or forget your password, you simply need to go to the Login Page, enter your email address and click the link that says, “I need a new password.” We will then email you instructions for resetting your password. Please note: If you have disabled password reset, we cannot recover or reset your password for you.

What does my Guest see?

When your Guest logs in to their account, they will see the name of your Workspace and your name on their home screen. When they click that Workspace to open it, they will see the Threads and Documents you’ve shared with them, along with any Private Messages your may have shared. They do not see the names of the other Guests in the Workspace (except inside any group Threads you’ve created). As the Host, you can allow different Guests to see different things inside a single Workspace, while you maintain a global view of everything.

Where are my files stored?

Files in Verifyle are stored in the cloud (not on your computer). This means you can access them from any internet-connected device and it also means that what you store in Verifyle is safe from ransomware attacks.

How do I delete or archive a Workspace?

In order to delete a Workspace, you first must put it into your Archive. To archive a Workspace, click on the gear icon just to the right of the Workspace name, then click “Archive Workspace.” Once archived, a Workspace can be deleted by opening the archived Workspaces list (click on “Archive” at the bottom of your list of Workspaces), clicking the gear icon next to the Workspace name, and then clicking “Delete Workspace.”

What if I delete a Workspace by accident?

It should be very difficult to delete a Workspace unintentionally (we make it very hard to do). Unfortunately, if you delete a Workspace, everything in it is gone and not recoverable.

What makes Verifyle more secure than other cloud storage/sharing options?

Verifyle has a patented encryption key management technology that gives each individual item a user shares its own set of keys. Other systems encrypt in bulk, leaving your data vulnerable to bulk attacks where hackers can steal large amounts of data. Verifyle also offers security features like two-factor authentication and disable password reset, which protect your account from anyone, including us.

How do email alerts work?

Every time you share something in Verifyle, we send an email alert to let your Guest know that you have shared something with them. These alerts never contain any content – they are simply alerts that tell your Guests there is something waiting for them in Verifyle. If you would like to manually control when alerts go out, you can choose this option in your Account Settings. You can access your Account Settings by clicking your name in the upper right corner of your home screen.

My Guest can’t find the Document I shared – what should I do?

Make sure that you’ve shared the Document in either in your Private Message with that Guest or in a Workspace Thread that you’ve given that Guest permission to view.

How many Guests can I have in one Workspace?

You can have up to 150 Guests or Workspace Threads and up to 250 Documents in a single Workspace. But you can have up to 1,500 total contacts on your contacts list.

How do I logout? Does Verifyle log me out automatically?

You can log out of Verifyle by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of your Verifyle homescreen, then clicking “Logout.” You can also manually log out of any remote sessions as well as control how long a period of inactivity is allowed before Verifyle logs you out automatically by visiting your Account Settings page and clicking “Session Management.”

How do I sign a Document in Verifyle?

There are two ways to sign Documents in Verifyle: responding to a signing request and independently signing. If you've received a request, you should be able to just click the “Sign Document” button in the email and respond to the prompts. If you are a Verifyle Pro or a Guest of a Verifyle Pro, you can sign Documents without a request. To do that, click on the Document’s name to expand the Document’s information pane in the Attached Documents list. Next click the “Preview” button to open the Document preview. Then click the purple button at the top of the preview window. This will open a small purple signing tool which can be moved to the location(s) on the Document you’d like to sign. After adding a signature, you can click the purple button at the top of the window again to add additional signatures to the Document. Once all signatures have been added, click “Next.” You’ll then be able to rename the Document (optional) and add a message (optional) before submitting the signed Document back into the Thread with the original Document.

Can I choose where I want someone to sign a Document?

Yes! If you are a Verifyle Pro, anytime you add a Document to a Thread you can request signatures to be added to that Document wherever you might want them. First make sure the signer has access to the Thread, then click the paper clip icon to select the Document you want signed, but don't send it yet. Put a check in the box to the left of “Request Signing” (in green). Now click “Send,” then click the orange “Complete Request” button next to the Document name, and then simply click and drag your mouse to add signature, date, initials, and/or custom fields to the Document. Your Guest will be notified of your signature request, and they will be walked through the simple process of adding their signature and any other requested information to the Document.

Can I have two people sign the same document?

Yes, you just need to collect the signatures one Guest at a time. You’ll want to first create a Workspace Thread and add the first Guest you’d like to have sign your Document to the Thread. Then add the Document to the Thread and request the signature(s) from the first Guest (see “Can I choose where I want someone to sign a Document?” above if you don’t know how to request signatures). Once the first Guest has signed and returned the Document to you, you’ll use the now-signed Document to request the signature from the second Guest. To do this, first add the second Guest to the Thread. Next, click the signed Document in the far right column and then click “Preview.” Then click the orange flag icon in the upper right corner of the Preview screen. You’ll then be able to choose the second Guest as the signer and indicate where on the Document you’d like the second Guest to sign before requesting the signature(s) from the second Guest.

If two people share a single email address, you can still have them both sign the same document. They will just need to change the signature on their Verifyle account in between the two signings.

Can I sign Documents using the Verifyle mobile app?

Yes! Signing requests can be fulfilled on mobile, and if you are a Verifyle Pro or a Guest of a Verifyle Pro, you can use the Verifyle mobile app to independently sign Documents that have been added to Threads. To do that, tap on the Document name to open the Document’s information window. Next tap the “Preview” button to open the Document preview. Then tap the purple pen-tip icon to open the purple signing tool. Once the signing tool is open you’ll need to move the Document into position by pinching and zooming until the Document is positioned appropriately beneath the signature field. After typing your signature, tap “Done.” You can add additional signatures to the Document by tapping the purple pen-tip again. Once all signatures have been added, tap “Save Signatures” at the bottom of the screen. You’ll then be able to rename the Document (optional) and add a message (optional) before submitting the signed Document back into the Thread where it originally appeared.

Why can’t I sign this Document?

Only Verifyle Pros and their Guests can sign Documents. Verifyle Pros and their Guests can sign any PDF of any size as well as any DOC(X), PPT(X), TXT or CVS file under 5MB in size. Image files (JPEG, PNG, GIF) cannot be signed in Verifyle. If you are not a Verifyle Pro, you can upgrade by logging in and clicking “Upgrade” on your Account page.

Are Verifyle signatures legally binding?

Verifyle can be used in compliance with UETA and the ESign acts. Verifyle can also be used in compliance with IRS’s Guidance for Electronic Signatures for forms 8878 and 8879. You can read more about how we meet these guidelines on our Compliance Page.

Can Verifyle be forced to give third parties access to my account?

Verifyle is currently not under any legal order to reveal the account information for any of our users. If a user chooses to disable password reset, they become the exclusive owner of the key necessary to unlock their account. Verifyle does not keep an extra key to your account and therefore cannot get into your account or decrypt your data without your password.




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