Can I use VeriFyle for sharing large files?

Yes, VeriFyle is great for sharing large files. VeriFyle does not have a file size limit. Your only limit is the total storage limit of your account (5GB for free users, 50GB for Pro users).

Can I use VeriFyle just for storage?

Yes. VeriFyle is a great option for storing sensitive Documents. Total storage limits are 5GB for free users, 50GB for Pro users.

How can my Guests share documents with me?

Guests can share Documents with you by attaching them to Threads. This means that your Guest must have permission to view at least one Thread in order to share Documents with you.

What if I lost my password?

If you lose or forget your password, you simply need to go to the Login page and click the link that says, “I need a new password.” We will then email you instructions for resetting your password. Please note: If you have disabled password reset, we cannot recover or reset your password for you.

What does my Guest see?

When your Guest logs in to their account, they will see the name of your Workspace on their Homescreen. When they click that, they will see only two columns, Threads and Documents. In those columns they will see only the items you’ve shared with them. They do not see the names of the other Guests in the Workspace (except inside any group Threads you’ve created). As the Host, you can allow different Guests to see different things inside a single Workspace, while you maintain a global view of everything.

Where are my files stored?

Files in VeriFyle are stored in the cloud (not on your computer). This means you can access them from any computer and it also means that what you store in VeriFyle is safe from ransomware attacks.

Is there a tutorial?

Yes. The tutorial will occupy the bottom 1/3 of your screen the first time you login. If you do not see the tutorial, you can turn it on at any time in Account settings.

What if I delete a Workspace by accident?

It should be very difficult to delete a workspace unintentionally (we make it very hard to do). Unfortunately, if you delete a Workspace, everything in it is gone and not recoverable.

What makes VeriFyle more secure than other cloud storage/sharing options?

VeriFyle has a patented encryption key management technology that gives each individual item a user shares its own set of keys. Other systems encrypt in bulk, leaving your data vulnerable to bulk attacks where hackers can steal large amounts of data. VeriFyle also offers security features like two-factor authentication and disable password reset, which protect your account from anyone, including us.

How do I logout of VeriFyle?

In order to logout, you must first send or cancel any pending email alerts by clicking the orange box in the upper right corner of your screen. Once those are sent, the Logout button will reappear. You just click it to logout.

What are “email alerts” and how do they work?

Every time you share something in VeriFyle, we generate an email alert to let your Guest know that you have shared something with them. You will see the total number of email alerts grow (displayed in the upper right corner of the screen) each time you give a Guest permission to view something. We don’t send the email alerts until you tell us to. And the alerts never contain any content – they are simply alerts that tell your Guests there is something waiting for them in VeriFyle.

My Guest can’t find the Document I shared – what should I do?

Double-check the Recipients list for the Document by clicking on the name of the Document. Remember that the Host always controls who sees what. The same is true for Threads.

How many Guests can I have in one Workspace?

You can have up to 150 items in any of the three columns inside a Workspace (Guests, Threads, Documents). But you can have up to 1000 total contacts on your contacts list.




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