Securing the future of communication.

Use Verifyle to securely manage your business. Verifyle offers ultra-secure file sharing and messaging, IRS-compliant digital signatures and end-to-end client billing, all from a simple user interface that anyone can use.

People are using Verifyle to:

Sign documents, Share large files, Share tax information with accountants, Send secure messages, Provide a secure portal for clients, Share health records with medical professionals, Store passwords and account numbers, Request signatures from clients, Send sensitive documents to attorneys, Share passwords with family members, Store financial records, Store and share estate planning documents, Share contracts with clients, Share classroom information with students, Share student information with parents, Share and store automotive records, Communicate securely with colleagues, Share information with financial planners

When it comes to your sensitive information, standard internet security simply isn't good enough anymore. Our unique communication and file-sharing platform offers you the highest level of protection while at the same time, giving you the freedom to view, control and manage projects--all from one simple screen.

Individual encryption for maximum security

Every conversation, document and note is encrypted separately. Unlike bulk encryption, which leaves every file vulnerable. Verifyle never transfers or stores information unencrypted. Other systems often store unencrypted information in temporary directories during transfer.

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Six levels of encryption, one password.

Standard security typically has only one level of security, making it easier to hack.

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One screen. Everything that matters.

Simple, single-screen interface. No drop-down menus, modules or sections to navigate. Log in securely from any connected device. Simply check and uncheck boxes to control access to documents and conversations.